This is more than one nation's story. The future of our planet depends on each one of us. Are we choosing Love or Hatred?

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In 2009, a young man Shogo Washio (26) senses danger from the military expansion of the Asian giant Ouran. He establishes the Future Restoration Party with Kenzo Nakagishi, and stands as a candidate in the House of Representatives. Even though he gains the support of people like Lin (20), a young woman from Ouran, he suffers a major defeat in the election.

Several years later, the warning put out by Shogo and friends is realized. Suddenly, the skies above Shibuya are covered in military helicopters from Ouran, and Japan is helpless to resist occupation. Under the occupation, freedom of speech and religion is lost and those who resist the dictatorship are summarily rounded up and put to death.

During this time, Shogo joins up with the underground organization ROLE, which is sheltering believers oppressed by Ouran. ROLE’s leader is Yujiro Nakagishi, Kenzo’s father. Yujiro tells Shogo: “We believe in the power of people to believe in God.” Can the world, which had lost hope, recover the future? The answer to this question is connected with the birth of a New Savior.

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Shogo Washio %2f Kota Miura

Stationed in Ouran as a businessman, Shogo realizes the danger Japan is in.
He returns to Japan and establishes the Future Restoration Party with Kenzo Nakagishi. Advocates overcoming the crisis facing the country but is defeated in the election. Eventually Japan is occupied and Shogo meets up again with Kenzo’s father Yujiro and learns of the underground resistance ROLE.

Use me, if there’s anything I can do so that God can bring peace to people… I wouldn’t spare this body and this life of mine.

Lin %2f Umali Thilakarathna

From the Republic of South Asia, now a vassal state of Ouran.
Both her parents were slain by Ouran soldiers when she was small.
She was subsequently raised as an Ouran citizen but sympathized with Shogo’s activities in the 2009 elections for the House of Representatives and volunteered to help.

I’m not afraid of death. Because I’ve known things more terrible than death.

Kenzo Nakagishi %2f Ken Kaitoh

A close friend of Shogo Washio. Part of his club at university.
A man of action with a strong sense of justice. Formed the Future Restoration Party with Shogo and risked his life to help overcome the crisis facing the country.
Democratic Party representative Yujiro Nakagishi, who has disappeared, is his father.

I told you! I will not run away halfway through. I will fight!

Lao Porto %2f Joe Shishido

A powerful figure in the Ouran army. Marches into Japan as governor at the head of the occupation army to make the Far East Province (Japan) a colony (vassal state). Reigns supreme as absolute ruler and is feared by the people.

What’s happened? Where is your God? Why won’t he help you?

Tetsuzan Washio (Shogo’s father) %2f Shiro Namiki

Shogo’s father. Progresses from student activist, to citizen activist, to politician. Cuts a conspicuous figure in political circles as a representative of the Democratic Party but dies suddenly while Shogo is still a student.

At that time, everybody became enthralled to left-wing ideology. I hate Japan, which committed atrocities in warfare, and destroying that country is only just…. How did it come to this…?

Yujiro Nakagishi (Kenzo’s father) %2f Ryo Tamura

An ally of Tetsuwan Washio since his student activist days. Was also a Democratic Friends Party foundation member but distances himself from those political convictions until he finally opposes the Party. Falls from power as a result of political machinations, then vanishes for some time but…

The world is as it is because of the human heart. So nothing will change unless we change the human heart.

Mitsuhiko Moriya %2f Ichitaro

A typical computer geek. With that specialist knowledge, uses data technology to support Shogo.

Shibuya…? But there’s security around that place…

Asuka Toyama %2f Fumiko Mizuta

Meets up at a party with Kenzo Nakagishi, hits it off well, and joins him in his political activities.
Her strong will and straight-talking nature sometimes cause misunderstandings and friction with those around her. However, at bottom she is an affectionate type who holds others at bay only until she gets to know them better.

I’ll do anything to chase out the Ouran people.

Kaoru Shinomiya %2f Koki Hisaka

A passionate young man. A somewhat old-fashioned dashing type. Looks at things simplistically and immediately switches to action mode.

Asuka, when you die, I will die with you.

Nozomi Hayagane %2f Aika Mizusawa

Like a little sister to Shogo and Kenzo. A younger presence in their club at university. A strange girl who warms the hearts of those around her.

If they find someone, even a child, they’ll put them to death.

Girl in a wheelchair %2f Kirara

A young girl. A miracle occurs and she tries to get to her feet…

Hideko Washio %2f Yoshimi Ashikawa

Shogo’s mother. Looks after Shogo with her cheerful and warm personality.

I wonder how Shogo got such a pretty girl friend…

Noaki Ichihara %2f Tomoki Fukuzawa

Is given an election leaflet on the street, sympathizes with Shogo and friends, and instantly becomes a party member.
A warm person with no side but with little depth too. Hard to dislike.

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